Practical Sourdough--Learn to Make Soft Loaves

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Crusty artisan sourdough is amazing but it's not what you want when you crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

This course will help beginner and intermediate sourdough bakers learn the art of wild yeast sourdough loaves that are softer and more versatile, without all the fancy techniques. 

From classic white bread to brioche (and yes I do throw in one crusty loaf recipe just for fun) discover how delicious and soft sourdough can be!


What's included:

  • 15 instructional videos (an hour and a half of content)
  • Recipes for making starter, classic sandwich bread, brioche and crusty artisan breads
  • Downloadable recipes and my guide to the best flours
  • A private Facebook group for help

What others have said about this course:

This course was very good for me as I could, and can go back as much as needed, and Miss Rachel was always there when I needed her for questions, confirmation and encouragement. Great course!--Kathy J. 

Rachel is one of the most genuine and helpful people that I know (via the internet)! She is quick to respond to problems and questions that I have. Love the class and she has definitely motivated me to become a sourdough wizard (like herself) 🤗. Thanks Rachel! --Sue R. 

What other students have made:

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't want to waste flour. Do I have to use a lot?

No! I'll show you how to make any size starter you would like. From very small to very large.

Do I have to bake every day?

No. You'll learn how to bake just when it works for you.

I don't have any bread skills. Can I learn?

Absolutely. This course is for beginner and intermediate bakers. In fact most of my students have never baked bread before this course.

Is this time consuming?

No. Feeding a starter takes 5 minutes or less and bake days rely on long slow rises so hands on time is 15 minutes or less per loaf.